Stop Being Surprised That I’m a Black Woman Who Knows About Money

My name is Mikkila and I am going on my 5th year in banking. I guess the elephant in the room would be that I am a black woman in my late 20’s in this industry that isn’t set up for me. I’m sure people didn’t expect me to get this far just like they don’t expect black people to do anything in the bank besides pay a fee to cash their checks.

I think I hated finance at first because I’m that black girl who fits into every single stereotype people have about black people and money. Understand I’m speaking as the girl whose credit was shot before I even had credit because my mom opened a credit card in my name at 18 and never paid it. I’ve had bills in my name before I graduated high school. Opened up 5 credit cards and ran them all up to the max. And the one I love the most, is how I’ve gotten a tax return every year since I’ve worked and it isn’t until recently that I started actually doing something with that money other than blowing it.

Embracing all of my financial woes was the turning point for me and actually gave me a starting point in learning about money. You start with one screw up and learn how to dig yourself out of it or prevent it.

I want finance to be simple, light, and almost funny. I’m not a millionaire or in the 720 credit score club. But I’d like to get there. I want my community to get there.The goal of this blog is for black people to feel empowered by finance, not defeated. I want people to stop being surprised that we know our ish when it comes to money.


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