Can Money be Simple?

Hmm. Good question. My short answer: spending it can be, but understanding it, not so much. The way I first understood it growing up was simply spending and saving. That’s it. There wasn’t any where did it come from, how do I invest it, what is it worth, what do I really do with it conversation. It was simply you get it, shell it out to bills and such, and then keep that tiny bit left over for yourself.

But after 5 years in banking and diving into this blog, I’ve realized the simplicity and/or understanding of money needs to start with understanding who we are as black people. There are conditions preventing us from moving forward in financial education and just in life in general. We need to understand where they came from in order to prepare an enriched future for our culture.

I’ve said before we need to make financial education a cultural product and build a protection around it that can no longer be exploited.

I told you guys before I’m a super visual learner and sometimes just reading words doesn’t do it for me. I’ve officially fallen in love with Dr. Umar Johnson after watching his interview with The Breakfast Club. One of the most powerful things Dr. Umar Johnson said during the interview was,

“The mother of all crime is miseducation and the father of all crime is economic castration.”

The interview is about an hour but I encourage you to press play below and watch the entire thing. You’ll probably get so caught up in it that the hour will blow by. It’s that powerful. As black people we want the real. We want things broken down to us in our way, with representation of our culture, but most of all with the sort of respect that recognizes the intelligence we all possess. We need the organic realness and Dr. Umar Johnson does this.  Connect with him below. Let’s come together over purpose.


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