So The Dollar to the Black Community has been dope so far. And there’s so much information to explore and that’s a good thing. But I want to know what our community REALLY NEEDS to succeed financially. So I thought what better way to find out what the people want then to just ask them?

This is the making of Project: 100 vs. 5. I want to start a conversation with 100 black people from a variety of different backgrounds with 5 down to earth questions about what we really need to succeed financially. I want to know what’s missing?

Now I’m not 100% sure about how to start this project but I thought I would get it going with a blog post about it with my contact information at the end if you’d like to be a part of it.

I want TDtotheBC to be what our community NEEDS to be successful financially or at least a part of that long overdue process. So like I said, at the bottom of this post is my contact info. I’m going to reach out to you all but please reach out to me to if your down for a solid conversation about next level financial success.


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