7 Apps Black People Need to Download Right Now

Ok so we’re in the technology age and we’ve got ourselves glued to our phones day in and day out. How about we put some things on that phone that elevate our minds, business, and money? How about we put some things on that phone that celebrate our community, advance our economic growth as black people, and support our fellow brothas and sistas on their endeavors? I downloaded 7 apps that I think black people need right now and I want you to take 5 mins and download them all. So worth it. The first 3 are created by black women but all are def here for black people!

1. Plum Perfect

 Why do you need it: First and foremost, to be beautiful. When getting this money, you want to look the part too and this app will crush that. It’s made by a fabulous black woman (Asmau Ahmed). You can browse, buy, and learn to apply all in one place. Plus you have the luxury of getting beauty products matched to you by using  a photo of yourself.

2. We Read Too

Why do you need it: Get to know Black Authors that offer books with characters of color. There’s only two genres available right now but there’s an option to add authors and book titles if you know any! And It’s a dope twofer for you and the kids. It’s Created by another fabulous black woman (Kaya Thomas). We get to know black authors and get to support that representation of color in books for our kids to grow up with. 

3. Meld

Why you need it: It supports the connection of not only elevated professional relationships, but personal relationships with like minded black professionals. You only get to scroll through up to 12 profiles every 12 hours, but still worth the relationships you can get if you match with someone.  Co-founded by yet another fabulous black woman (Raissa Tonna). And you want to meet someone as elevated as you right?? It’s black love people.

4. I Am Black Business (IABB)

Why you need it: Supports the economic success of the black community. It’s a directory of black businesses all over. From restaurants, entertainment, retail, salons, barbershops, sports bars, and banks. They’ve got it. You can search your specific city or do a universal search just to see what’s out there. And there are a lot of black businesses I had no idea about. You can also add businesses if you have one or know of one.

5. I Am A Black Girl

Why you need it: Now this app is soooooo uplifiting for black women. It empowers us to just simply be who we are. It’s got things like the black girl bookshelf, She Is magazine, collegiate black girl, and black girl inspiration. I Am A Black Girl gives resources and inspiration to be the unapologetic black woman.

6. Urban Intellectuals

Why you need it: How they’ve created this organization dedicated to black advocacy and creating meaningful, engaging, and relevant discussions among the African diaspora will give you the chills. They’ve brought forth real issues in the African American community that have taken a back seat to BS like reality TV and twerk videos. They’ve created a platform for us through news, discussions on society, education, positivity, and heritage. I am so here for Urban Intellectuals and you should be too.

7. Black Enterprise

Why you need it: Your #1 Resource for Black Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Small Businesses. Black Enterprise is a dope magazine in print, but they’ve created an app that gives you access to all their info on money, career, small business, and resources to help you build your very own black enterprise so to speak.


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