I’m not a relationship expert or coach. Or a psychologist. Or a counselor. But what gives me clout is LIVING IT. I’m authentic in my struggles with my on-again-off-again 7 year relationship and 28 years of life.

I would read these blogs, trying to fix things in my relationship and in my life, but realized how they’re full of cliché bullet points, corny words of encouragement, and another person talking at me instead of with me.

I needed to hear the experience. And in hearing these experiences, I could know that I’m not alone or weird or crazy or wrong or hopeless. I just didn’t want to read another blog that made me feel judged.

I wanted the non-judgmental, sometimes too real friend we all wish we had. To vent, to clear your head, to create a stir and a discussion, to be yourself, to be real, to bring people together, to be honest, face fears, and let everybody know they’re not alone.

Mikkila is me. And I write. Unfiltered girl talk, straight talk, sweet talk, small talk, what’s not trending, what is, strong opinions, soft ones, and the everyday ish we think we’re the only ones going through.